Operafantomet: phantoming

Restaged tour costume rant #3: 

So lo and behold! They’re actually sticking to the design. Wow. But why choose so inferior materials, so sloppy an appearance? It’s like the intention is to dumb down the costumes, because they’ve always been ornate and now the tour is NEW so the costumes gonna look NEW too. Except they doesn’t look NEW, they look unfinished, or like a really good school production. Was that really what they wanted? 

The wedding dress is to me the prime example of it going very wrong. I’ve seen fans to better replica mockups! The shiny fabric, the wrinkly appearance and the total lack of decorations is just glaring. But I also think the lack of texture in the suits of Raoul and the Phantom makes their attires look unnecessary dull. The diamond weave (Phantom) and the stripes (Raoul) used in the original looks so much richer under the stage lamps. Also, whereas I don’t *hate* the new dressing gowns, I think both choice of material and tailoring leaves a bit to be desired. The sleeves looks too big, the bodice too small, and the materials looks like Hobby Lobby rather than high end silks. 

So yeah, these costumes are new and as such made according to the design. But only barely so, and without the decorations so neatly specified in the design. I’ve seen fans to better. And with that I don’t mean that fans aren’t good costume makers. I’m implying that fans have maybe 1/10 of the budget of the tour and yet makes better stuff. 

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  18. colourscheme said: Maria must be rolling in her grave. Her beautiful costumes have been butchered :/
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