Operafantomet: phantoming

Restaged tour costume rant #1: 

Let’s be frank - Maria Bjørnson never designed these costumes. The current costume design can’t be interpreted this way, and I dare you to show me the so-called discarded designs in her archive apparently sparking the inspiration for these ("designs found in her archive that she created for the original and never used" - quote Cameron Mackintosh). 

The generic Victorian gentleman costumes? Nope. 
The “bedsheet” sylvan glades and the “Monkey Girls” satyrs? Neeh. 
The pink, overly photoshopped fantasty Rococo dress? Nicht! 
The atmospheric backstage work clothes? Doubt it. 
The Medieval lord showing up in the Baroque Don Juan Triumphant? No! 
The Gaston uniform with glittering gold mask? Don’t make me laugh. 
The Zorro figures in Don Juan Triumphant? Hardly. 

I’m sure these costumes work fine on stage, in context. But don’t call them Maria Bjørnson’s design. I’ve seen no evidence of her designing this, ever. Show it, or shut it. But stop selling this in as “using her original costumes”. 

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