Operafantomet: phantoming

Things I love about Phantom: 

I love entering the auditorium and immediately feeling I’m a part of the show, with the sets surrounding me, with the Phantom lurking in the shadows. 

I love seeing the chandelier sitting there, covered up, and eventually come to life, rise over my head, to thunderous music, and how the sceneries keep changing seamlessly in front of my eyes, throughout the whole show. 

I love that throughout the show the sets continues to surround me, the satyrs and the nymphs look down at where I sit, the Phantom’s voice is behind me, and I can feel the show in every fibre of my body. 

I love the moment Christine gets all alone on stage, singing her heart out, in one of the most spectacular costumes I know of. 

I love how a scene where one would usually focus 100% on the leads has gotten a sequence of utter beauty, of the ballerinas recreating figures from Degas’ paintings, gliding in the shadows, without really stealing any focus, but adding the perfect moody atmosphere. 

I love that though the Phantom is on stage something like 25 minutes, he’s so darn present, and the chemistry between the character of the Phantom and the character of Christine is so electric and yet so fragile. 

I love the chandelier. I really do. 

I love the golden angel. I cannot stop staring at it at times. The same goes for the whole proscenium. It’s so beautifully sculpted, I love how the eyes sometimes lit up in the sculptures, making them look downright evil, and then going back to being beautiful. I love that the sculptures wears actual jewelry. The proscenium is the ultimate experience for me, it’s what underlines what the show is really about. 

I love how we see Christine’s character grow tremendously throughout the show. She goes from a lost and bewildered girl to a woman finding her way in life, a woman of compassion, sensuality and talent. In the end she controls her own destiny. I have immense respect for that transformation. 

I love Phantom of the Opera. 

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