Operafantomet: phantoming

Photos of en pointe Christines: 

Sarah Brightman, Maria Kesselman, Ryoko Nomura, Kyoko Suzuki, Elizabeth Loyacano, Sierra Boggess, Sarah Bakker, Kristen Hertzenberg, Katy Treharne, Elizabeth Welch, Dodie Pettit, Kimilee Bryant. 

All the other Japanese Christines (dancing is a required skill to join the Shiki company, and they still do the original, full routine), 

Danielle Everett, Marina Prior and Maree Johnson (thanks neimhaille!),

Claire Lyon, Ana Marina, Rebecca Pitcher, Patti Cohenour, Trista Moldovan (?), Julie Hanson, Rachel Barrell, Anna O’Byrne, Colby Thomas (?), Renée Knapp (?), Tabitha Webb (?), Dale Kristien, Mary D’Arcy, Marie Danvers, Teri Bibb (?), Joke de Kruijf, Els Bongers, Anna Maria Kaufmann, Valentina Kozhanova. 

Christines not dancing en pointe: Lisa Vroman, Rebecca Caine, Sofia Escobar, Gina Beck, neither of the Swedish and Danish Christines, neither of the Austrian Christines, Ute Baum, Claire Louise Hammacott, Teresa de Zarn, Melissa Dye, 

A bit in doubt about the early German Christines. They wear pointe shoes, but I honestly don’t know if they were in use or not. Same goes for the majority of the US Christines. Most wear pointe shoes, but not all GO en pointe on stage. 

Not sure what is the case in Canada and Latin/South America and Spain, there is no photos indicating either and I’m too lazy to check bootlegs. Anyone? Feel free to add Christines to the dancing or non-dancing list! 

ETA: Thanks to Glassprism for a lot of additions!